Safesmart prides itself on excellent software, outstanding customer service and professional specialist advice. The fast growth of Safesmart continues through a high renewal of contracts and referrals by happy clients.

With Smartlog® used in more than 3,000 organisations and by over 160,000 active users, we have become one of the leading and fastest growing health and safety software & services suppliers in the UK.

Safesmart ensure client confidentiality and do not mention clientele by name unless requested.

However, here is some brief information about some of the sectors that we work in:

  • Our education sector clients range from small primary schools to universities with 20,000+ students.
  • Smartlog is used in more than 2,000 educational organisations around the country.
  • We are an Approved Partner of the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL), formerly known as NASBM.
  • We are Incensu registered – a national register of tried, tested and recommended educational suppliers.
  • We are a Preferred Supplier for the Association of School and Colleges Leaders (ASCL). ASCL represents more than 18,000 school and college leaders in the UK.

  • We supply NHS hospitals and GP practices as well as private facilities. Clients range from small surgeries to some healthcare entities that serve a population of 300,000+.
  • Safesmart are a Practice Index Approved GP practice supplier. The Practice Index has over 9,200 GP practice manager members, representing over 90% of all UK surgeries.
  • Many hotels and restaurant chains as well as smaller independent establishments use Safesmart’s software and services.
  • Large pub groups and bars are clients.
  • Several cafés also use our software and services.
  • Safesmart have also been working in partnership with the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII).
  • Well-established construction companies as well as equipment and material suppliers are clients. Clients range from SMEs to national multi-site companies; including a company with a turnover of over £65 million.
  • International brands and specialist UK organisations use our software and services, including a client with locations in over 25 countries and an annual revenue of over £1 billion.
  • One of our clients has over 85 UK locations, and one of our clients is a global fashion brand with over 500 stores around the world.
  • One of our clients’ parent brand has premises in over 30 countries and more than 50,000 staff.
  • Smartlog and Safesmart services are used in almost 200 renewable energy sites across the UK by thousands of staff members.
  • A Premier League Football Club uses Smartlog and our services.
  • Gym brands and golf clubs use our software and services.
  • One client hosts a world famous historic UK attraction with more than 200,000 annual visitors.
  • 10 district, city and borough councils use our software and services in hundreds of locations.
  • A large amount of Smartlog customers are UK charities. Of note, we offer a reduced licence fee for charities.
  • Our software is used by office-based organisations in recruitment, financial consultancy, accountancy, and IT.
  • Manufacturing, industrial and other companies use Smartlog and Safesmart services for their HQs/head offices –  including a global company that turns over £3 billion.

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