Utilised in over 6,000 individual locations across the country — Smartlog® provides multi-site functions with a high level of detail and versatility provided by in-depth organisational structure functions and a user-friendly interface.

Risk Assessment – Interactive module containing over 30 templates, including Fire, COSHH, Asbestos, Legionella, and DSE Assessments. Custom assessments can also be created and set up to fully monitor progress in real time. Templates included are:

• Fire
• Construction Site Fire Prevention
• Asbestos Checks
• Health & Safety Full Audit
• Manual Handling

Read more information about this facility and its templates here.

E-Learning – More than 20 online health and safety training courses for all employees and contractors, providing branded certificates upon successful completion. 20 of these courses are CPD-certified, and featured courses include:

• Fire Awareness
• Fire Warden
• Working at Height
• Slips, Trips and Falls
• Manual Handling
• Asbestos Awareness

Browse the full training course library here.

Accident Reporting – An accident and incident reporting facility for detailed analysis, archiving and reporting. This facility features access to the RIDDOR reporting portal and submission guidelines for major incidents and accidents that qualify for submission. Returning RIDDOR reports from the HSE can be attached to track case progression, enhance reports, and maintain a thorough digital record.

More details about this facility can be found here.

Asset Management – A facility for the registering, monitoring, auditing and overall management of an organisation’s physical assets. All assets can be linked to set locations, licences/certificates and other related assets; and any updates such as servicing, damage, and repairs can be logged and timestamped. Additionally, a barcode scanner function enables all assets to be electronically tagged and reviewed instantly.

More detailed information about this facility can be found here.

Checks & Tests – Smartlog’s central compliance hub – a comprehensive and integrated communication system that alerts, assigns, and reports scheduled maintenance repairs/servicing, due risk assessment, and employee/contractor training according to the system administrator’s needs. When a employee is assigned a task, Smartlog will alert them of exactly what needs to be done and when. All deadlines feature a multi-level management escalation facility so important tasks are never missed.

Log Entry– A digital logbook for full premises management, from emergency maintenance to scheduled (and completed) fire equipment servicing and evacuation drills.

Employees can log anything compliance related, and all progress can be monitored centrally – alerts are sent to the relevant department/s and the responsible individuals are also alerted.

Other Features

  • Policy Management – A health & safety policy and procedure document management facility which can be accessed by all employees and contractors in your organisation. Alerts keep everyone up to date, and all updates to policies or procedures can be instantly communicated to all every user’s inbox.
  • Smartlog Support – Full technical support for Smartlog, a dedicated account manager – and compliance queries via phone and email. Policy advice will also be freely available from our qualified consultants.
    • Audit Trail – Escalating alert system ensures that important issues are never missed, and following completion of tasks the system retains a thorough record – every digital action is time stamped for precise reference.
    • Unlimited users – An unlimited amount of users are able to use all of Smartlog’s features, with unlimited access to all training courses. This includes contractors.
  • Smartlog® App – Smartlog apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. Read more information about them below.

Multi-site Solutions

In the construction sector, from single-site establishments to multi-site organisations, centralising fire safety and health & safety compliance is absolutely necessary to not only monitor the safety of work systems, personnel and machinery, but also to maintain a consistent and high standard across the entire business.

With Smartlog, compliance can be effectively managed from the head office or any central administrative location, and a high standard can be quickly established and maintained – deficiencies in health and safety can be quickly highlighted, leading to more efficient corrective action when allocating business resources.

Compliance frequently slips through the net when individual sites are singularly focused on their own operations; so head office often has the extra obligation to make sure that overall compliance standards are consistent across the entire organisation.

Smartlog is used in over 6,000 individual locations across the country; with multi-site functions offering a level of detail and versatility provided by in-depth organisational structure functions and a user-friendly interface.

Smartlog® is used by over 160,000 active users, within 6,000 locations around the UK.

Health & Safety Consultancy

In order for an organisation to remain compliant with health and safety law, clarification of guidance and regulations that affect the construction sector as well as the manufacturing sector is required.

Additionally, specialist advice is often needed both on a continual basis and for selected projects, because many times certain regulations only become applicable to an organisation depending upon a host of dynamic factors.

As a Smartlog customer, Safesmart will give you access to our consultancy at no additional cost, and we will also try to ensure that you and your employees have all the information and support needed to make sure that your entire organisation is fully keeping on top of compliance.

If a consultant is needed to physically visit your establishment whether to carry out a fire risk assessment, full health and safety audit, or ‘responsible person’ services; all of our consultants are ready to deliver their services and valuable advice concerning fire and health & safety legislation.

Safesmart also provides services that are only available to Smartlog customers.

Our NEBOSH & IOSH qualified consultants provide:

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety Audits/Assessments
  • On-site training
  • Consultancy

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