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Myth: I have a fire risk assessment therefore I cannot be prosecuted.

Fact: A fire risk assessment does not make you fully compliant in itself alone.

Myth: If the fire risk assessment is not suitable and sufficient you will be prosecuted.

Fact: If you complete a fire risk assessment to the best of your ability and in good faith you won’t be prosecuted under article 32 unless you ignore subsequent advice from the FSO.

Myth: You need to have established qualifications to be competent.

Fact: Competence is legally defined as having adequate experience and knowledge of your workplace and not necessarily fire safety, knowledge of this can be obtained from various sources, one of which is Smartlog.

Myth: I have paper records, surely this will suffice.

Fact: You need to provide evidence that all your fire checks were being carried out and that you have a robust process in place. With Smartlog™ all your records and procedures are safe and can be accessed instantly. Paper records can provide evidence that procedures are in place, but they are cumbersome, can get lost. If your organisation were to have a fire, you will need to have these documents stored safely away from the premises.

Myth: I’ve never had a Fire Officer visit, I don’t need to bother with the Fire Legislation

Fact: All non-domestic premises must adhere to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 regardless of whether they have had a visit from a Fire Officer or not. By not adhering to this you and your organisation are risking prosecution, a hefty fine or even prison time.

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