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Smartlog Multi Site Solutions: Risk and Compliance Manager of a national multi site retailer.; “ The Smartlog™ system is the most advanced fire and health and safety platform available in the retail sector today. We save money on expensive off site training courses. We can carry out Fire, Risk and Workplace safety assessments quickly and efficiently. The data is automatically registered centrally allowing compliance checks to be instantly available. Safesmart has a skilled, flexible support team to support the system and a great, nothing is too much trouble, attitude.”

Making your mutli site organisation compliant with current safety laws and requirements easily?

Safesmart is working closely with a number of multi site organisations in retail, education, engineering, energy and healthcare and it knows how difficult it can be to ensure that your organisation is compliant with Fire Safety and Health & Safety legislation and other regulatory requirements. Things can slip through the net when your local management staff are busy managing local operational considerations so how do you make sure that compliance isn’t one of those things? Especially as you cannot be everywhere at once.

Safesmart’s answer to the problem is the Smartlog multi-site solution. Used by hotels, pubs, retailers, academy trusts, colleges, care organisations and many others across the UK, Smartlog multi-site solutions makes the risk and compliance management of fire safety and health & safety simple, easy and inexpensive. The Smartlog platform puts all your compliance requirements in one place.

It provides:

  • Fully digital management process support facility
  • Automated check and test facilities
  • Self monitoring Risk Assessments for Fire, Health & Safety and many other of your needs
  • Automated fire safety log book with reminders
  • Fire awareness training for ALL staff
  • Fire warden training for ALL staff
  • Centralised document library
  • Suite of related and legally required training courses

The Smartlog multi-site solution portal provides ALL of your Fire Awareness and, Warden training for all staff, and many other training courses as well as providing interactive templates for self monitoring Risk Assessments for Fire, Health & Safety and any other assessments your organisation might need or want. It also entitles you to reduced service and maintenance costs for fire alarms and extinguishers , emergency lights, and fire & safety risk assessments on a nationwide basis.

Can you be certain your establishment is being given the right help and advice?

As a Smartlog multi-site solution customer, Safesmart will provide telephone & on line support to you and your local staff whenever you / they need it, at no additional cost and will try to ensure that you & your staff have all the information and support you need to make sure that everything that needs to be done is being completed in a timely fashion when it comes to compliance.

If you do need a consultant to visit your establishment, we will ensure that pricing is reasonable and all our consultants are happy to give advice on all aspects of Fire and Health and Safety legislation.

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