Fire Warden Training

Fire Warden training (also called Fire Marshal) is necessary for the organisation and ultimately, safety of employees in the event of a fire. Our fire warden training course is just as comprehensive as a physical course – able to be completed within 30 minutes, and will ensure that your organisation is compliant with current fire safety legislation.

An organisation’s responsible person will generally appoint fire wardens whose role is to ensure that implemented fire safety measures are carried out in the event of a fire.

In Article 18 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, nominating one or more competent persons to assist the responsible person in undertaking the preventive and protective measures is mentioned. It is for this reason that fire wardens need to be nominated and trained sufficiently.

Fire Warden Training

Our fire warden/fire marshal training course seeks to educate on the legal duties of a fire warden, preventative measures, evacuation procedures, escape routes and fire extinguisher training. This is a vital part of forming an effective fire safety strategy for your organisation.

Safesmart delivers Fire Warden Training for your organisation through Smartlog – our comprehensive health & safety compliance software.

Preventing fires – Basic risk assessing, identifying hazards, and predicting the many different potential causes of fire.

Emergency procedures – Designated fire warden emergency duties, step-by-step procedures and refuge areas.

Means of escape – Routes and places to escape. *Article 14 of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is about Emergency routes and exits.

Evacuation – Setting and following procedures, both from company and public policies.

Fire extinguisher training – Types of fire extinguisher and how to appropriate use each one.

Duties and responsibilities – Overall fire warden duties and responsibilities; from risk assessing, reporting hazards, to evacuation duties.

This course has quiz questions and issues a certificate upon completion.

*This course is certified by the CPD Certification Service

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