What is Smartlog?

Smartlog™ is Safesmart’s cloud-based online fire and health & safety compliance management software for organisations across all industries and sectors.

Our comprehensive and affordable software helps health & safety compliance officers, managers and their organisations effectively manage and regulate all their fire safety and health and safety requirements quickly and simply.

Compliance Management Software

Smartlog Desktop
Cloud-based fire and health & safety compliance management software

Due to the hundreds of thousands of work safety failings across the UK every year, legislation surrounding fire safety and health & safety is understandably very strict; and breaches of the law carry the threat of a heavy fine, prosecution, or both.

Smartlog is a compliance management software tool built for efficiency, convenience as well as affordability, designed to keep your organisation compliant, keep all your compliance tasks and issues centralised.

Smartlog also gives you the freedom to communicate and share all relevant policies, documents, and information with your colleagues.

In over 6,000 locations and more than 147,000 active users around the UK, Smartlog acts as the complete fire and health & safety compliance management tool.

Key Smartlog Features

Risk Assessment Tool – Full risk assessment facility, with over 30 detailed templates — Including fire, health & safety audit, COSHH, asbestos, legionella, and DSE (more information on templates here). Custom assessments can also be created and set up to fully monitor progress in real time.

ELearning – Over 20 online training courses for all staff members, with quiz questions and issued certificates upon passing. 20 courses are CPD-certified, and courses include: fire awareness, fire warden, DSE, manual handling, COSHH and a full GDPR course. Full course list here.

Asset Management – A facility for the monitoring, tracking and auditing of an organisation’s assets. All assets can be linked to set locations, licences/certificates and other related assets (like accessories for example); and any developments such as servicing, damage, and repairs can be logged and timestamped. Set depreciation for asset types, and barcode scanner support enables all assets to be electronically tagged and reviewed instantly. More detailed information here.

Automated Checks & Tests – Smartlog’s central compliance hub — a comprehensive integrated communication system. Deadlines for licences, certificates, checks, tests, maintenance, and training all trigger automatic email reminders with a management escalation facility. With up to 5 levels of hierarchical escalation, important tasks will never be missed.

Accident Reporting – A full incident and accident reporting facility — a digital logbook with a singular focus. Records can be centrally logged and completed reports are ready for RIDDOR submissions, as per HSE guidelines. Afterwards, final reports from RIDDOR can be attached for a complete detailed record.

Digital Logbook – A logbook for full premises management of all things compliance; from emergency maintenance and compliance issues to scheduled/completed evacuation drills and fire extinguisher & alarm servicing. All things compliance related however great or small, can be logged by any employee and monitored centrally by management.

Policy Management – Share company policy & procedure documents across all members of staff, build and access a library of forms and guidance in health & safety. Upload and store any compliance-related documents that you wish to share with your staff.

• Smartlog Support – Full technical support for Smartlog – and compliance queries via phone and email. Policy advice will also be freely available from our qualified consultants.

Compliance Overview

Smartlog’s unique interface allows you to immediately see any deficiencies in your organisation, by providing an instant overview and breakdown of your organisation’s overall compliance – in the 3 main areas:

Risk assessment

Checks & tests


As part of an industry development away from the oft problematic risk score/matrix structure, Smartlog’s compliance overview is designed towards aiding (and prompting) immediate and resolving action rather than merely categorising and visually prioritising risk.

Depending on the industry – or the organisation, employee health & safety training might carry more compliance weight than extinguisher checks for example (and vice versa). Evidently compliance does not carry a one-size-fit-all solution in terms of priority.

Fire risk assessment mobile
Offline risk assessments for maximum convenience.

Smartlog App

With Smartlog’s algorithm, compliance weight is uniquely determined per organisation which means that fire and health & safety compliance can be managed exactly according to an organisation’s needs.

A Smartlog iOS app is available in order to provide offline functionality, so that risk assessments and checks & tests can be completed without the need for Internet, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. Afterwards as soon as the user is connected to the internet, all updates will be synced up as normal.

Bespoke Solutions

We always have new e-learning courses and risk assessment templates in development; but you can commission the bespoke creation – or the tailoring of a specific training course or risk assessment template.

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