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Training Course Creator

Design and build detailed online eLearning courses, and immediately deliver them to an unlimited amount of learners – all within a cloud-based course builder and Learning Management System (LMS).

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Create up to 100 training courses
With one Training Course Creator licence you can design, build and deliver up to 100 training courses to as many learners as you wish – as many times as you want.
Built-in Learning Management System (LMS)
Create a course, assign it to your learners straight away, and track their progress, automate future training, view analytics or create reports.
Unlimited creators / authors
An unlimited amount of users in your organisation can create and edit courses, or freely collaborate to build a course – there is no restriction.
Design element library
To build a course, choose from a selection of design elements in the Training Course Creator including:

RichText Editor
Add media
Quiz types
Branded certificates
Email notifications
When you create a course and then assign it, the user receives an email alert with details of their training and a direct link.

Once they complete the course, you are notified, and their training record and certificate can be viewed.
Quizzes and testing
Create tests to assess learners’ knowledge of your course content. Build your assessments and turn your questions into the following quiz types:

Single question
Sortable lists
Active users

Build a course

Using the Smartlog® Training Course Creator, you can build a course using a wide selection of design elements and assign it to as many learners as you wish within the in-built Learning Management System (LMS). Learners will immediately receive an email notification with a link which will take them straight into their training course.

As well as create online courses, within the LMS you can also track learners’ progress, download pass certificates and manually assign or automate their future training. There is also no creator limit or user limit – your organisation can create and freely edit up to 100 training courses.

Why should you choose Smartlog®?

Our Training Course Creator software is designed to give you complete control and freedom over your employee training. eLearning is typically very costly and generic, but Smartlog® gives you an unmatched ability to manage your learning and development however you like.

We also provide specialist advice and system support for for you at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Learning Management System (LMS) included?

Yes. A Learning Management System (LMS) is software which is designed to deliver and track online training courses, and the Training Course Creator includes an LMS with countless useful functions.

Smartlog’s Learning Management System provides tools for instructors and administrators to build and manage the various parts of learning and development; and gives learners a platform to complete their allocated training.

The LMS functions include:

• User Management
• Course Delivery
• Assessment and Quizzes
• Tracking and Certificates
• Automation
• Analytics and Reporting

Do I need to download or install anything?

No. Smartlog is cloud-based software, which means the Training Course Creator and LMS can be fully accessed from any web browser and on any device with access to the internet.

All you need is your login details – there is no need to install or download anything.

Is there a limit to how many courses I can create?

Yes, however that limit is 100 – which is a lot of courses!

From a short educational training course to a longer in-depth one with media and assessment questions, your organisation can create up to 100 online courses and edit them as many times as you wish.

When paired with access to Smartlog’s Learning Management System (LMS), the ability to build up to 100 courses in the Training Course Creator should be more than enough to suit your needs.

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