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Safesmart’s cloud-based online fire and health & safety compliance management software for organisations across all industries and sectors.

Smartlog incorporates multiple compliance functions into one central hub — such as health and safety awareness training, risk assessments, accident reporting, logbook, and a sophisticated premises management facility.

For fire safety and health & safety in the workplace, Smartlog is the complete compliance management tool.

Key Features

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An unlimited number of staff members per organisation can be added to access all of Smartlog’s features – there are up to 8 permission levels all determined by the company administrator.  Smartlog’s email-driven notification system also timestamps every action so a complete audit trail is always present.

Smartlog development is also continually innovative and can be tailored to the individual requirements of your organisation. Additional e-learning courses and risk assessment templates are always in development, and if a specific training course is required, please get in contact.

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