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Safesmart provide an advanced yet affordable health & safety Software called Smartlog™. Our online health and safety management software includes the following functionality: unlimited number of users, self-monitoring & custom risk assessments, audit trail, document management, maintenance checks & tests, log book, online training courses and accident reporting (RIDDOR).

Additionally, custom online training courses can also be developed by our consultants, as well as digitising past risk assessments and bespoke risk assessment template creation.

We also have an iOS app to provide offline Smartlog functionality so that risk assessments and checks & tests can be completed wherever you are, without the need for Internet, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

Smartlog™ acts as your complete fire and health & safety management tool.


SmartlogKey Features

• Unlimited Users – No limit on employees/staff that can be added to your account; all having full access to Smartlog’s many features, and restricted only by your chosen account administrator.

• Self-monitored Risk Assessments – Fire, COSHH, Asbestos, Legionellas, Work Place Safety Inspections, Agency Workers and DSE Assessments. You can also create your own custom interactive assessments so that all of the appropriate risk assessments are alerted, actioned and documented online and in real time.

• Training – 20 CPD certified online training courses for all staff members, including: Fire Awareness, Fire Warden, Display Screen Equipment, COSHH Awareness, GDPR Awareness and Health and Safety at Work.

• Audit Trail – Alert system means you will never miss an important issue again, and when you are assessed you can prove who did what and when they did it. Every action is time stamped.

• Document Management – Share policy & procedure documents across all members of staff. A library of forms and guidance (Fire and Health & Safety). Upload any documents that you wish to share with your staff.

 Automated checks and tests – Automatic reminders with a management escalation facility. When a staff member is assigned a task, Smartlog health and safety software will alert them of what needs to be done and when. If after 1 week they still haven’t completed the task Smartlog will automatically email them and if necessary their manager a reminder (3 levels of escalation). This will ensure that important tasks are never missed.

• Log Book – Automated fire safety & health and safety software log book facility including Accident and Incident Reporting (RIDDOR). Staff can report cleaning issues, repairs & maintenance and any incidents that need to be recorded and may require further action. Emails are then sent to the assigned department or individual responsible for the incident.

• Free Support – Expert support for the system plus fire and health &  safety queries via phone and email at no additional charge.


Additional Information

Smartlog™ health and safety software is also fully adaptable and can be tailored to the individual requirements of your organisation. We currently have new health & safety training courses and assessments in development, so if you require a specific training course please contact us. Safesmart can also create bespoke health and safety assessments and online training courses.

We have a highly experienced customer services team who are on hand to assist our customers with all health & safety software requirements, issues and questions. Our Safety Consultants can also offer assessment, consultancy, engineering and maintenance.

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