Health and Safety Software

What is Smartlog?

Utilised in over 7,000 sites and by over 200,000 active users, Smartlog® is cloud-based health and safety software for total compliance management.


Active users

Main Modules

Risk Assessment
Keep your risk assessments up-to-date with a large library of detailed and customisable templates.
  • 30+ detailed templates
  • Build & customise templates
  • Full audit trail for all updates
  • Attach supporting media to reports
Fulfil all your training requirements with a suite of online health and safety training courses.
  • 25 CPD-certified courses
  • Branded downloadable certificates
  • Unlimited users & attempts
  • Bespoke courses available
Checks & Tests
Ensure that all premises checks & tests are addressed promptly within a central and integrated module.
  • Automated alerts & reminders
  • Centrally schedule & monitor tasks
  • Organise notification groups
  • Multiple escalation levels
Accident Reporting
An incident & accident reporting facility for centrally logging records per HSE guidelines.
  • Central & secure digital accident book
  • Create reports for RIDDOR submission
  • Attach supporting media 
  • Analyse overall incident stats in detail
Asset Management
Centrally manage & audit your organisation’s physical assets, from inventory to machinery.
  • Stock/inventory checks
  • Barcode & NFC scanner
  • Pre-use safety checks
  • Depreciation & Appreciation
Contract Management
Manage all your suppliers, contractors & signed agreements in a secure, permission-based module.
  • Categorise & precisely sort your data 
  • Contract expiry email reminders
  • Track every single transaction
  • Adjustable user permissions
Document Library
Sort, manage and easily distribute your policies & documents within your entire organisation.
  • Create & store policy libraries
  • Centrally manage & distribute files
  • Automate monthly/annual file sharing
  • Create confirmation pass questions
Help Desk
Raise tickets regarding any issues
in your organisation, which can be tracked, updated & then resolved.
  • Raise, categorise & assign tickets
  • Set time-bound custom priority levels
  • Input & track related costs
  • Email alerts with every update
Medical Tracking
Track the administration of medications, and automatically notify carers when stock is low.
  • Personalised user medical profiles
  • Manage medications & log treatments
  • Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP)
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

Health and Safety Software

There are hundreds of thousands of workplace safety failings across the United Kingdom every year, with many of them resulting in serious injuries and fatalities. In order to reduce dangers and make the workplace a safer environment, legislation concerning health and safety is very strict.

Breaching these laws carries the threat of a heavy fine, prosecution — or both.

Smartlog® is health and safety software to assist employers in effectively managing and enforcing all compliance requirements for their organisation.

Other Features

Instant overview

Immediately spot any deficiencies in your organisation, by providing an instant overview and detailed breakdown of your organisation’s overall compliance.

Personalise your compliance

Adjust how your organisation’s compliance score is calculated — you determine exactly how your compliance is weighted, to suit your business strategy as well as your industry.

In-depth reporting

View a detailed breakdown for each module, analyse and report on your organisation’s key compliance metrics in real-time using a wide range of data points.

Smartlog® App

Offline Access

Offline access to modules such as Asset Management and Risk Assessment — automatically synchronise your data upon re-connection.

Multimedia Support

Upload photos straight from your phone to an accident report, or film and attach videos to your risk assessment whilst you carry it out.

NFC & Barcode Scanner Support

Barcode scanning & NFC support within the Asset Management module for quickly locating tagged assets or doing a quick stock check.

Additional Benefits

Bespoke Development
We work with clients to provide software solutions perfectly adapted for your organisation and industry.
  • Creation of new compliance software modules
  • Personalised development of existing modules
  • Development of bespoke eLearning courses


Customer Service
From onboarding to system implementation — full technical support is available from our team.
  • Dedicated account manager for your organisation
  • Expert advice from our health and safety consultants
  • Policy advice is also available from our consultants

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is health and safety software?

Health and safety software – also known as OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) software, is an online portal or platform designed to assist employers in their management of health and safety compliance in the workplace.

Health and safety software systems vary in the amount of management assistance that they provide, ranging from some being a simple logbook platform to others functioning as a real-time safety monitoring system, integrated with other business management software.

For health and safety personnel, OHS software replaces a number of manual processes and also provides a digital assistant, training platform and communications network. However, for smaller businesses that normally cannot afford to employ full-time health and safety personnel, OHS software allows any competent person to look after the organisation’s health and safety.

What makes for good health and safety software?

Your health and safety software needs are largely dependent on your work environment, as well as the types of activities which frequently take place within your workplace. Good health and safety software should address your specific areas of concern, improve your workflow, and provide transparency.

In an office setting for example, training is important but your safety system should still prioritise risk assessment because there are still many safety hazards present, even though they might not appear obvious. In a more physical work environment, your health & safety software system will require additional functions for tracking and reporting hazards in real-time, because the risks are much higher and impactful.

Do I need to download or install anything?

No. Smartlog is cloud-based software, which means it can be fully accessed from any web browser and on any device with access to the internet.

All you need is your login details – there is no need to install or download anything.

What are the benefits of implementing a health and safety software system?

From onboarding, a health and safety software system will save countless admin hours by immediately replacing traditionally written and filed processes. Whilst every paper-based work system involves individual stages of completion such as drafting, communicating and filing, a digital system already has these stages integrated.

More commonly, some organisations use multiple software systems for different processes – from standalone risk assessment software and accident reporting systems to HR software for managing personnel. This creates a complicated network of multiple systems with a large margin for blindspots, general miscommunication and, predictably, reduced safety.

Smartlog integrates different compliance processes within a single system, providing the accessibility and security that using multiple software platforms or a paper-based system simply cannot provide.

Why is a health and safety management system important?

A health and safety management system plays a crucial role in ensuring workplace safety and well-being. Here are some reasons why it is important:

Risk Reduction: An effective Health and Safety management system helps minimize workplace hazards, reducing the risks of accidents and injuries. By identifying potential dangers and implementing preventive measures, organisations create a safer environment for their employees and visitors.
Legal Compliance: While not legally mandatory, having a health and safety management system provides a structured framework for meeting health and safety requirements. It ensures that organisations adhere to relevant laws and regulations, avoiding penalties and legal issues.
Employee Morale: A safe workplace fosters employee morale and motivation. When workers feel secure, they are more engaged, productive, and satisfied. A health and safety management system promotes a culture of care and responsibility.
Improved Reputation: Demonstrating commitment to safety enhances an organisation’s reputation. Clients, customers, and other stakeholders often appreciate businesses that prioritise the well-being of their workforce. Therefore a positive safety record can attract more business opportunities.
Continuous Improvement: A Health and Safety management system encourages regular assessments, audits, and reviews. Businesses can learn from incidents, adapt their safety practices, and continuously improve their processes. A successful health and safety management isn’t just about having a system, but it’s about cultivating a safety-conscious culture within the organisation.

What are the main benefits of a health and safety management system?

As a formal way of managing workplace hazards, a health and safety management system reduces accidents and injuries, as well as promoting a safe and healthy work environment, some of the main benefits of a health and safety management system are:

• It is morally right to ensure your workers return home safe and healthy at the end of every working day.
• It improves health and safety performance and compliance with legal requirements.
• It reduces the cost associated with accidents and incidents, such as medical expenses, compensation claims, and fines.
• It improves staff relations and morale, as workers feel more valued and respected by their employers.
• It improves business efficiency and productivity, as workers are more motivated, engaged, and less absent due to illness or injury.
• It improves public image and reputation, as customers, investors, and other stakeholders prefer to deal with ethical and responsible businesses that protect their workers and the environment.
• It lowers insurance premiums and facilitates access to finance, as insurers and lenders recognise the lower risk profile of businesses with a health and safety management system.

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