Health & Safety in Education

Safesmart has worked closely with schools, colleges and universities around the United Kingdom for more than 15 years providing health & safety software, practical fire safety training and a fire risk assessment service.

From our experience working with the education sector, we are aware of the difficulties in ensuring the full compliance of an educational establishment – with fire safety and health & safety legislation, Ofsted compliance, teacher training as well as further regulatory requirements specific to the education sector.

During the day-to-day lives of school business managers and education officials, all too commonly things slip through the net during the busy school term; but there is an obligation to staff and pupils alike to make sure that health & safety compliance – literally a life or death issue, is not one of those things.

Safesmart are an ISBL Approved Partner whose software & services are both advanced & affordable to help schools ensure compliance. They have been an Approved Partner for many years with many ISBL members who are happy with their services. ISBL support their brand mission to improve safety, efficiency and affordability.
Bethan Cullen, Commercial Director of the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL)

‘Smartlog 4 Schools’

Safesmart provides a useful tool and compliance safeguard through Smartlog® – our health & safety compliance management software that enables organisations to keep all their compliance related activities in one comprehensive central hub.

Used by over 2,000 schools, academies, colleges, and universities across the UK, our ‘Smartlog 4 Schools’ package makes the management of both fire safety and health & safety compliance more streamlined, simple and efficient.

Following our vast experience as a software and services provider for many different types of schools and educational establishments, Safesmart is aware of the dynamic nature of school management, from teaching (and non-teaching) staff employment to strictly regulated premises development projects.

With this in mind, Smartlog 4 Schools is fully featured and accommodating to the fast-moving nature of the educational sector and our customer services team are fully dedicated to providing useful health & safety compliance advice and complete system support.

Smartlog is used by over 2,000 schools and 160,000 active users.

Key features

E-Learning – More than 20 online health and safety training courses for all staff members, with quiz questions and branded certificates. 24 of these courses are CPD-certified, and included courses are:

• Fire Awareness
• Fire Warden
• Safeguarding & PREVENT
• Food Hygiene
• GDPR Awareness

The full training course library can be found here.

Risk Assessment – Facility with a library of over 30 risk assessment templates; and custom real-time interactive assessments can also be created and set up to fully monitor progress in real time.

• Fire
• Work Place Safety Inspections
• Food Hygiene
• Legionella
• Asbestos Checks

More information about this facility and its templates can be found here.

Asset Management – This facility is for the registering, monitoring, auditing and general management of an organisation’s physical assets.

All assets can be linked to set locations, licences/certificates and other related assets; and any updates such as servicing, damage, and repairs can be logged and timestamped. Additionally, a barcode scanner function enables all assets to be electronically tagged and reviewed instantly.

More detailed information about this facility can be found here.

Incident/Accident Reporting – A dedicated and detailed logbook specifically for accidents and incidents that occur, whether to students or teaching staff.

Submitted RIDDOR reports can be attached to entries alongside supporting images, and the progression and conclusion (final report from RIDDOR) of a case can be logged in the system as a digital record.

More details about this module can be found here.

Checks & Tests – Smartlog’s central compliance hub – a comprehensive and integrated communication system. When a staff member is assigned training or check & test, Smartlog will alert them of exactly what needs to be done and when.

Deadlines for licences, certificates, checks, tests, maintenance, and training all trigger automatic email reminders with a multi-level management escalation facility so important tasks are never missed.

Digital Logbook – A logbook for full premises management, from emergency maintenance and compliance issues to scheduled or completed evacuation drills and fire equipment servicing. Staff can also report cleaning, repairs and maintenance issues that require recording and/or require further action. All things compliance related can be logged by any employee and monitored centrally by management; and email alerts are sent to the assigned department of the individuals responsible for dealing with the issue.

Other Features

  • Policy Management – A document and health & safety policy management facility which can be accessed by all staff in your school or Trust. Updates can be made accessible to everyone almost immediately through email alerts, so staff are always up to date on important procedures like fire alarm drills.
  • Smartlog Support – Full technical support for Smartlog and a dedicated account manager – and compliance queries via phone and email. Policy advice will also be freely available from our qualified consultants.

    • Audit Trail – Alert system means you will never miss an important issue again, and after you are assessed you retain proof of who did what and when it was done. Every action is time stamped for precise reference.
    • Unlimited users – An unlimited amount of staff users are able to use all of Smartlog’s features, with unlimited access to all training courses.

Mobile & Tablet App

Smartlog® applications for mobile phone and tablet devices are available to download on both Android and Apple/iOS devices, providing online and offline access to Smartlog’s compliance modules.

Safesmart also provides services that are only available to Smartlog customers.

Our NEBOSH & IOSH qualified consultants provide:

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety Audits/Assessments
  • On-site training
  • Consultancy


We know too well how expensive the costs of keeping on top of school health and safety can be; and how cutting unnecessary costs is often paramount when running an educational organisation. Smartlog was built with this in mind: to provide high quality compliance tools at an affordable price.

Smartlog provides all of your fire awareness training, fire warden training and many other crucial training courses – Safeguarding children for example. This is in addition to providing incident & accident reporting software, asset management, and providing interactive risk assessment templates for fire, health & safety and any other choice assessments.

Smartlog will help you address all aspects of school health and safety to give you peace of mind, and also ensure that money is only spent where (and when) necessary.

As a Smartlog customer using the ‘Smartlog 4 Schools’ package, Safesmart will provide you with full system advice and support via telephone and email at no additional cost. We will try to make sure that you have all the information you need in order to make the correct decisions when it comes to school health and safety compliance.

If you do need a consultant to visit your school, college or higher learning establishment, we will ensure that our pricing is affordable. All of our experienced health and safety consultants are more than happy to give you advice on fire and health & safety legislation.

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