Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smartlog®?

Smartlog® is a user-friendly online health & safety compliance management system that allows for the monitoring and auditing of all of your health & safety policies and procedures.

Learn more about Smartlog here.

Who can use Smartlog?

Smartlog has been developed for organisations of all sizes, and to be utilised in all non-domestic premises.

It can be adapted to be used in a small corner shop, a pub or a large corporate organisation with 150+ sites.

Currently over 2,000 organisations from a wide range of industries and sectors use Smartlog – a testament to its versatility.

Does Smartlog need to be installed?

No. Smartlog is cloud-hosted software, which means that nothing needs to be installed or downloaded.

Our interconnected servers hold data securely, which means it is accessible from anywhere and on any internet accessing device – with no installation required.

Does Smartlog comply with GDPR obligations?

Yes, fully. The manner in which confidential information is stored on Smartlog is fully compliant with UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 in the UK.

For more information, read our data protection policy here.

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