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Safesmart Health and Safety Software & Services

What is Smartlog™?

Smartlog™ is a simple and easy to use online compliance management system, that monitors and audit controls all of your Fire Safety and Health & Safety policies and procedures. Smartlog™ also includes online training courses for all members of staff and various risk assesment templates.

Should I worry about being prosecuted under the new Fire Regulations?

NO! If you are using Smartlog™ correctly, it will automatically monitor and control all of your processes for you.

Who can use Smartlog™?

Smartlog™ is developed for all non-domestic properties. It can be adapted to accommodate a small corner shop, pub or large corporate company with multiple sites.

Do I need to be fully computer literate to use Smartlog™?

No. If you can use the internet and search on Google etc. you will be able to use Smartlog™. The system was designed to be very user friendly and easy to use.

What about the Data Protection act and Smartlog™, is this an issue?

No. There is no confidential information stored on the system. We comply with the data protection act and do not store any sensitive personal information.

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