Asbestos Awareness

According to HSE, asbestos can be found in any building built before 2000 – such as schools, offices, factories and hospitals, and is the cause of around 5,000 deaths every year. Our training course educates employers and employees on the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 as well as risks and safety precautions when dealing with asbestos.

Asbestos can be found in up to 18 unique locations in an industrial property, and is present in millions of homes, businesses and public buildings. Therefore employers and employees need to know its dangers and what to do in the discovery of asbestos on company premises.

*Please note, this is Asbestos Awareness training only and is not training for work with Asbestos of either a licensed or unlicensed kind.

Safesmart delivers Asbestos Awareness training for your organisation through Smartlog – our comprehensive health & safety compliance software.

Recognising asbestos – The different types of asbestos (main types: crocidolite, amosite, and chrysotile) and the different uses and likely locations of asbestos in buildings.

How asbestos can affect your health – Fatal and serious diseases caused by asbestos like mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, and diffuse pleural thickening. Long-term health following exposure and the additional impact of smoking.

Knowing what the law requires – The implications of the law covering asbestos: The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, and the role of the ‘duty holder’ in non-domestic premises.

Procedures and methods to protect yourself – What to do when you discover asbestos (procedural and managerial duties), and when to use respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and/or personal protective equipment (PPE).

Decontamination – Minor (a little dust on sleeves / shoes) and major contamination (lots of contamination on hair, clothing & shoes): What to do upon discovering that you are contaminated by asbestos.

*This course is certified by the CPD Certification Service


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