Smartlog for MSPs

Safesmart is providing its Accredited Compliance Risk Management Solution, Smartlog, to the MSP industry!

Smartlog is a cloud risk management and training platform solution which will enable your organisation the ability to manage compliance for your clients, ensuring they stay operational, not fall short of and comply with the required legislation for their industry, mitigating the various risks to the business in doing so.

It is completely customisable (white-label) and multi-tenanted so you only need to log in to one portal to support all of your clients, and has API capability to integrate with various ERP solutions (powerBI, etc.).

Extensive reporting capabilities as well as Safesmart supporting your business as a trusted partner, with risk management and compliance within your own organisation but also behind the scenes helping you support your client base, adding yet another option to your already extensive bow of services for which you can charge.

Smartlog is a proprietary software solution built from the floor up, that can transform how you are able to manage your clients compliance requirements and training needs (as well as your own).

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