Modern Slavery Awareness


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What is Modern Slavery?

Modern Slavery is the slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking of individuals through the use of coercion, deception, force or other means. Slavery is an inhumane crime and often affects the most vulnerable people in society, with victims ranging from the very young to the very elderly.

The consequences of modern slavery are immensely devastating to their victims, who are often unable or unwilling to speak out about the trauma they are facing or have faced in the past.

What is the purpose of this Modern Slavery course?

This modern slavery course focuses mainly around the practices within the United Kingdom, and is aimed at helping staff recognise the signs that someone has been trafficked or is being exploited in order to confidently take the appropriate action.

In the UK, an estimated 136,000 people were victims of modern slavery as of 2018, indicating the large and growing prevalence of the crime in the country. This modern slavery course will provide knowledge and resources for all staff in helping to tackle the crime.

Modern Slavery Awareness eLearning

This course aims to make learners understand:

  • What modern slavery is and how it affects those in the UK
  • The main types of modern slavery
  • Who the victims of modern slavery are and how they are exploited
  • How to identify victims of modern slavery
  • How to report concerns and incidences of modern slavery

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Course Content

What is Modern Slavery – An introduction to the term ‘modern slavery’, its prevalence in the UK, and the different types of crimes which are included in the term; including forced labour and human trafficking.

Legislation – The three main pieces of UK legislation that combat modern slavery: The Modern Slavery Act 2015, The Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015, and The Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and Support for victims) Act (N Ireland) 2015.

Identifying Modern Slavery – Who the victims of modern slavery are, the different signs which indicate that an individual might be a victim of modern slavery, and how perpetrators typically operate to gain victims; including deception, abduction, seduction, and recruitment.

Reporting Modern Slavery How to report concerns of modern slavery, the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) and Duty to Notify (DtN) referrals, and modern slavery documents and who needs to publish them.

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