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Safesmart and Wonde partnership

We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with Wonde, one that will enable schools to seamlessly connect and synchronise their Smartlog® data with their management information system (MIS).

Wonde are data management specialists, trusted by over 25,000 schools across the globe in the provision of powerful, highly secure, easy-to-use data management solutions. They act as a protective layer between a school’s MIS and what schools share with third party applications.

Wonde integrates seamlessly with a school’s MIS to ensure data is securely maintained, managed and accessible. Currently this data transfer is done on an ad-hoc basis using various data formats and possibly insecure transfer methods. Using Wonde gives a secure, easy and continuously updated connection between a school and their approved applications, ensuring only relevant, up-to-date and accurate data is shared. 

Schools can be confident data is secure, and students and staff are supported in their learning journey.

“Wonde are pleased to be supporting Safesmart in their mission to ensure safer working environments for students and staff across the UK. Safesmart, like Wonde, are focused on making everyday life easier for schools and by eliminating the need for manual input, schools have more streamlined health and safety processes that comply with current health and safety legislations. With both Safesmart and Wonde, schools can be confident they can operate efficiently, safely and securely.”
Jon Coleman
CCO and Co-Founder at Wonde

For more information, visit: www.wonde.com

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