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Smartlog® App for Android

What’s New?

We have now released a Smartlog® application for Android devices, which opens up a new dimension for integrating the compliance management system into your organisation’s health and safety processes.

Perhaps most notably, all but one of Smartlog’s modules can now be engaged with offline – something that was only possible with the risk assessment and checks & tests modules in the iOS App. This capability allows risk assessments to be carried out and reviewed even in remote areas with no internet access, accident reports to be drafted without the interruption of a faulty connection, and access to view your asset database with no network coverage.

Upon re-connection, you can sync your device to the Smartlog sever, and everything is updated and timestamped to provide extra clarity in the event of an audit.

Media Integration

We have aimed to utilise the technological capabilities of smartphone and tablet devices in order to enhance the use of Smartlog.

Some industries are more fast-paced than others and require a system that users can interact with efficiently, and one that supports instant and precise communication – and this app does exactly that.

Barcode scanning and NFC support are just two new features of the Smartlog application (more app information here), enabling asset monitoring to become a quicker and more fluid operation.

Health and safety personnel can immediately attach videos or photos to give greater detail to their risk assessment findings, and all employees can regularly log premises hazards on the spot and to greater visual detail and send out an alert to their colleagues – and potentially prevent accidents.

Health & Safety Culture

Along with Smartlog’s desktop features, this app has been created in order to seamlessly integrate the system into the daily operations of your fire and health & safety compliance, and encourage a culture of personal safety and collective responsibility.

The Smartlog® app for Android devices can be downloaded on: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.safesmart.android.smartlog

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