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New eLearning course: Modern Slavery Awareness

We have now released a Modern Slavery Awareness course on Smartlog® which is immediately available for all current Smartlog customers to use at no additional charge.

Modern Slavery in the UK

Modern slavery remains a prominent worldwide problem, and latest figures estimate that there are more than 136,000 victims of modern slavery in the United Kingdom. To combat this, there have been major pieces of legislation passed in the last few years – including strict guidance that certain types of businesses must follow, and national helplines have been set up to aid victims and lead to the prosecution of perpetrators.

What is in this Modern Slavery course?

This modern slavery course is aimed at helping all employees recognise the different signs that someone is potentially a victim of modern slavery, and to confidently take the appropriate actions.

To help raise awareness, this new course covers:

  • What modern slavery is and how it affects those in the UK
  • The main types of modern slavery
  • Who the victims of modern slavery are and how they are exploited
  • How to identify victims of modern slavery
  • How to report concerns and incidences of modern slavery, and the actions taken behind the reports

More information about our Modern Slavery Awareness eLearning course can be found here: https://safesmart.co.uk/modern-slavery-awareness/

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